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Newbuildings Primary School, 83 Victoria Road, Londonderry

Building rockets and helicopters with Sentinus

Building Bridges with Sentinus

Izak9 at Newbuildings PS- making 'Magic Squares'

P6 & P7 - forging friendships


We had a great time when St Columba’s came to visit.

Day 1 -  Lots of problem solving and thinking skills through icebreaker games!

Day 2 - we went to visit our partner school and worked on IZAC9 cubes.  It was tricky but great fun!

Day 3 - we met in Newbuildings PS and continued to work on problem solving 

Day 4 - we had a fun day building bridges and structures and making planes and rockets

Day 5 - we went to W5 in Belfast!  We ad a great fun day out!

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